Monday, April 30, 2012

Newest Trader Joe's Inspiration: Balela

I snagged this salad at TJ's for my lunch one day and thought it was SO good!
Here is what mine came out looking like. I added a sprinkle of cumin just because I love it.
Recipe here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Postal Charm

Just try to catch things I love when I walk my lunch on work days.
Today this caught my eye. I'm sure my husband sees a lot of these but I don't.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I was walking the mail to the post office at work and on my way saw the first rose of spring. It was just simple and lovely.
Secondly, I got my first ever pedicure (I also got a manicure but I've had my nails done quite a few times). This was big for me because I have odd toes I've never wanted to highlight.
When I was 14 on a mission trip I got a bad toe nail from wearing wet boots all day (we had a 2 week boot camp training that involved getting wet and muddy and staying that way all day). Once we got to Honduras, it was very painful. My team leader took me to the doctor in Tegucigalpa and he thought it best to remove the whole nail. When I got home months later it did not come back in right so my parents had to take me for a second procedure. It never looked itself again and it's been a shame on my vanity for years. I did not wear sandals till my 20's. I hated that toe.
So there was no point in a pedicure. Over the 15 years I've been married to Rick he tells me how beautiful my feet are and I slowly have come out of my shell. The fact is, I love flip flops! I'm too old to regret what I could do nothing about, and too refined to care about opinions. So, I started out with a pale pink/nude polish. Next time I may have to go a little braver!
This is my story, I wear my story.
So, yeah for first's!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weird Realization About Jesus....Quite Random Actually

I keep having these quite brief thoughts. Too long for Facebook and thankfully too short for my former way if blogging. I don't have time to blog much and I don't have a computer at the moment so when I saw that Blogger had an app this became possible.
Diving in.....
Something interesting occurred to me the other day: Jesus never wrote, or if he did, it is never recorded that he did (except perhaps when he knelt and started to write in the dirt when they brought Him the adulterous woman) and none of it survived (we are not even told what he wrote in the ground!).
I found the thought when sailing through my own musings on loving to write and thinking what Jesus would have written about. Then it hit me, he never did! I don't know why I never noticed it before.
I mean, really, many people accept Jesus as deity but they reject the bible as man's deal. I do believe Jesus made a point of this request for faith.
Could he not have easily kept journals!!!? One would think being the most important person in human history, he certainly would have! Why did God not have that on his mission statement? "Now, once you're mortal, document daily so we can prove to everyone what you said and did!" On a humorous note, can you imagine how that would have read? "Messiah's Log: 10th day of the seventh month, 15 AD."
Well, to me it says a lot once I realized it. It says that He did not worry about how his words and actions would be further remembered, he was busy with DOING his Father's business. He did not need to toot his own horn as we would say now.
However, more powerfully, God meant for the writing to be a miraculous inspiration through men as the rest of the bible was. This takes greater faith and humility on our part.
Quite honestly, I've not decided what all it initials. I just find it somehow fascinating that Jesus didn't leave a scrap of writing in his own hand or voice. That is some purposeful plan for certain.
Don't you think?
In all other religions, are there not recorded writings of their founders? I'm not sure but I think that may be so.