Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why I'm Considering Just Culinary Blogging

I've been really thinking a lot about blogging.  So many times I want to write about my convictions and my thoughts on world and life issues and lately, I keep feeling led not to do so. I'm starting to realize that my convictions are best shared with people close to me in life, face to face.  Those who know me and can hear me, speak back to me, and pick up conversation built upon relationship.  I've wanted to blog about my convictions on some very hot topics now days in politics and religion, some family topics, and many personal topics.  Every time I feel the Lord leading me not to.   I've also realized lately that my life has become quite unbloggable!!!  Things going on with my kids are becoming more and more personal for them.  They are no longer little toddlers of whom I can report successful potty training without them knowing they should be embarrassed their name and potty were used in the same sentence to the world lol.  Many of my thoughts regarding my closest relationships are really not bloggable either.  That is not to say they are bad, but they are very personal.  The little reports on our family, and pictures shared are just fine on Facebook.  I may post that my daughter started High School and show a cute picture but I'm not going to tell you all about her new little guy friend unless you want to talk to me in person!  lol
Many things too I feel are just becoming soap boxes for me.  If I were to blog about them, I'd just be pushing my point of view.  The greatest convictions are the ones you don't have to prove are right to others.  There are some who are called to that mission, but I'm not one of them.  So, if you ever want to come by or message me, I'd love to have some great discussion as to my convictions but I'm not led to blog about any of it.

So, really, my passion or hobby if you like, is food.  I love learning about food.  The thing I love about it is that it's a passion that blesses my family.  The last few months that I've been working I've had a hard time caring for my family in this way.  I resolved a little while back to get better on that and I have.  I love that my husband likes watching food programs with me like Gordon Ramsay because it's a way for him to get excited about it too.  He has become quite the food critic when we go out!  I love that.  I realize there are soooo many food blogs out there but perhaps anyone I know would like to see what I share personally.  I love taking pics too and this will give me energy to do that as well.  I guess you could say, I've decided to put more energy into this productive hobby that I can love, and my family can love enjoying.  Or at least I hope they can enjoy it.  There will be nights where the gaspacho is too spicy and all I get is funny faces.  At least it keeps me energized to engage my talents toward those I love.  If anyone benefits or has fun just looking at possible ideas, I'd be happy.

So, since this blog has a domain that will not fit my goal.  I will be changing the blog address. I was really excited this domain was not being used.  It was the title I wanted for my blog put right into the address.  I'm amazed it was avaliable!

Go to:  The Passionate Palate 

Do me a favor...KK?  Can you post here if you are at all interested in following this journey of mine?  I'd be encouraged to know who would be interested.  Thanks!  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kid Bento Lunch Day 1

So, today I finally did the kids all a Bento. Like I said, in my first and previous post, this is a new adventure for me.  I'm starting very simply.  Bento can get real cute and what I won't be doing (unless the urge hits me) ...FANCY.  Just google Bento and be amzed (or  I don't like eating creatures, I never have.  That makes me NOT want to eat, and what I'm going for here is getting the kids excited to eat well.)

So, these are the silicone muffin cups I purchased at the Kitchen Collection from our local outlet mall.  They were a total of about ten dollars I believe.

Then, like I said, I got these divided containers at the dollar store.  These come with lids that have a fork and knife which is another bonus for us. 

Then, I give each of the kids a color scheme.  Primary is all I have for now but I place those in knowing in my mind what I'm going for. 
Then, I fill them with today's Bento Menu!  
Creamy Parmesan Chicken Pasta
Red Peppers and Cherry Tomatoes 
Cucumber and Watermelon
Boiled Egg
Cheerios Granola Bar  

I adorned each Bento with an umbrella toothpick for looks and using on their small bites if they wish.  When I was a kid, I LOVED these!  They were always for the adult drinks but I always wanted one!

Now, of course I could just throw the granola bar in with it's wrapper, but Bento is all about cute!  So, I made them smaller and lined them right up. 

Once completed, these containers will stack well in the fridge as well.  All ready to go! Ceadmon: Blue, Emma: Yellow, and Victoria: Red.  

I used all the large muffin cups on their food so I had to get creative with mine.  I went vintage on my Bento. A retro tiny mug for my pasta, and an old Pyrex fridge dish for my melon and cucumbers. 

I made sure I got an umbrella too! 

The mug was easy to remove if I wanted to heat my pasta.  

My vintage Tupperware lunch box was quaint but a little challenging for Bento. It's a little deep.  One thing you have to be careful of is not having too much room where the food will fly around everywhere.  This is a little scary for that.  

But, the vintage part was also fun.  

Tomorrow it's Daddy's first Bento day too.  So, we will see how manly I can make this lol! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Bento Adventure Begins....Um Humbly Lol

First of all let me take a moment to have a heart attack...that I'm....BLOGGING!  Honestly, I've had thoughts of giving up the last few weeks feeling like I'll never have time for it again. I have to make sure not to make such rash decisions though so, I'm here!  Yeah!

Bento!  I was introduced to Bento by our lovely former librarian (who I miss :(:::).  She has a lovely blog here that is all Bento (she has other blogs that are great too!).  So, what is Bento?  Well, come now, don't make me do your homework for you!  Go here to find out (It's okay to educate yourself still, you have a few seconds..come now :)  Or watch this fun You Tube. Unlike my teenager, I'm not into oriental culture at all (though she has me finding it charming now and her enthusiasm is contagious, something I love about her), but hey, I'm into food!!!!  I'm into healthy, and I'm really into presentation of food. I truly believe that presentation of food can increase the fun and appetite to eat it.  When working with getting kids to eat healthy, this can be a great asset.  It also takes my dreaded chore of lunch packing to an artistic, creative and enjoyable level.  I do like to make things pretty.

Unfortunately however, I had a very busy holiday weekend.  I had a full and packed time doing a lot of nothing.  Enjoying time as a family, playing games, taking naps and seeing friends.  It was wonderful!  We needed the break.  School starting for the first two two weeks ago, and for our new High-schooler one week ago turned out some very exhausted people!  Doing nothing though has major drawbacks, and we were NOT ready for the school return this morning.  All three of my kids got hot lunch, no Bento for them yet.  I did manage to pull off one for me though.  It's a very simple, humble, and some may feel interesting beginning to my Bento adventures.

My very first Bento Menu: 
                                                                 Sardines w/ Mustard
Whole Wheat Crackers
Green Salad w/ Feta

I realize I probably ruined the whole energy of my first Bento with the word Sardines.  I however, love Sardines w/ mustard.  Not only does it keep me full all afternoon with it's protein boost, the B Vitamins and Calcium are a huge bonus!  

So, tomorrow I'm hoping to get a little more into it.  I also want to share what I'm using.  I don't have much money for real Bento products, so I did some research to find out what I can start out with.  I purchased three of these divided food containers (in the picture) at the Dollar Tree and I bough large and medium silicone muffin cups at the Kitchen Collection.  These are used to separate food inside the containers.  They can be used in some many cute ways. I'm really looking forward to doing more and I'll keep you posted!  
Oh, and my lunch was yummy!