Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Multipurpose Room

The larger bedroom is going to Caedmon. The reasoning behind this is that the girls have less play material than he does and the other, smaller bedroom (though bigger than most traditional bedrooms) is symmetrical and therefore easier to divide for two. The girls use to be in this large room and it was one challenge after another to get a "side" for each with the shape and position of windows.
The room got a paint job from violet to grey. We already had everything else and I knew the grey would mean a clean modern look. The cubbies will have a small flat screen eventually and there will be game systems (Wii and retro Nintendo) the kereokee machine, a VHS, and a DVD player. That way the room can be used when the adults want to have a peaceful living room or when we have company the kids can do what they please. There is lots of floor space for active wii like Just Dance which the girls were having trouble having the room to play together in the living room.
There is a music and activity corner under the windows (which still need blinds installed) that includes Victoria's main Christmas present of a keyboard, and a second hand one for the other two to ping around on. The guitar is out and ready and we got a beginners guitar book for them. There are games and reading and puzzles as well.
The other area of the room is what will be a most awesome Lego center opposite a drawing desk. Caedmon loves to draw and we want a place for him to have freedom to do that. We hope to install shelves on this wall to bring in daddy's large comic book collection as well as his Hardy Boys set.
Lastly is his bed with the futon underneath to be used as a couch in the room. Oh and the Leopard Gecko lives on top of his dresser as you come through the door.
So it's his room but its to be very much enjoyed by the whole family and company. We have folded down fabric bucket chairs under the futon that can be pulled out and there is lots of room to open a card table for a board game. The three rolling chairs can be used as needed at desk stations, keyboards, or game tables.
It all seems to have worked out well.
The change took no money except to paint the walls. We all ready had everything.


  1. So exciting! How great to have a room with space for all those great activities!


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